01 May 2008

Heat Guy J Winamp skin / Un skin d'Heat Guy J !!

I'm tired of not finding Heat Guy J's winamp skins to my taste, so I made myself one! :)

For those who don't know this anime, it was broadcasted in Japan in 2002 and its character designer is the great Nobutery Yûki (Escaflowne, Aquarion, Xenosaga)
The designs are awesome, the music great and the characters simply fantastic, and I'm a complete fan.
So, here's a lil' skin for those it may interest. It's classic but efficient :)


J'en avais marre de ne pas trouver de skin d'Heat Guy J à mon goût donc j'm'en suis fait un, NA!
Pour ceux qui connaissent pas c'est un anime (diffusé au Japon en 2002) dont le character designer n'est autre que Nobuteru Yûki (Escaflowne, Aquarion, Xenosaga...).
Bref les dessins sont boooooo, la musique est coooool, les persos sont génioooooo, et j'chuis fan ^_^
Donc voila un p'tit skin winamp pour ceux que ça intéresse. Il est classique, je me suis pas trop embêtée. ^_^


Diamondrock said...

I guess all that hard work paid off! Sorry I'm not writing in French...

Shinsanagi said...

Yes it did, I'm happy, I've finally got a winamp skin of Heat Guy J. I'm not going to change it for a while now ;p
Oh and about the "not writing in French" part, there's no problem for me ^_^
I was just thinking of making an English version of this blog when I saw your comment ^_^
So maybe in a few days you'll be able to comment in english as much as you want ^_^