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Born and raised in France, I started drawing as soon as I could hold a pen. 

Already at an early age, I'd felt that, sometimes, words weren't enough to express what I felt and always tried to find a better way to "voice" my emotions. Then I discovered manga, and my passion for it was born. I started copying my favorite authors like Akira Toriyama or Yuki Kaori, Takeshi Obata, Hiroyuki Asada, while trying to find my own style. 

I studied languages and ended up living in the UK and in Japan for two years where people kept encouraging me to go on drawing. 
Back in France I worked teaching English and Japanese, as a night-watcher in a retirement home, an administrative assistant, and as a librarian in a comics shop. 
I'm now studying to work as a veterinary assistant while doing voluntary work in an animal shelter. 

I kept drawing all the while, and finally reached a point where I can claim I have found a style of my own. During my time in Japan, I met Kalinara with whom I created my first real story: The Pen Stealer. We're now working on trying to make the story in our minds a reality that you can someday read.
At the same time, I've started working on story projects of my own, and hope to be able to show them soon.
For now, you can see some designs and illustrations for them on this blog.

Meanwhile, I also started drawing what I'm calling my "doodles". They're a kind of surreal or abstract drawings that all my friends and family encouraged me to keep on drawing.
You will find those on my other blog, dedicated to them. 

Don't hesitate to contact me for information, comments or suggestions!

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Here's the blog where you can see my surreal and abstract art works : LILIËKA YZMÖ

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