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As soon as I started drawing, my goal was to create my own stories. But it's far more difficult than it seemed then. 

While creating a story, despite having challenges of its own, is quite simple, creating an INTERESTING story that people want to keep on reading is on a whole new level of difficulty.

Working on the Pen Stealer with Kalinara gave me great insights (because Kal's a damn freaking genius) but now that I want to write my own stories... well... let's say it's a longer and rockier business :)

Anyway here you'll find some info on the projects I'm working on, and with hope, in the future, you'll be able to read them here.  

(co-written with Kalinara)

GENRE : Shojo - Shonen ai ; Fantasy

plot's all done, we just need to get down to actually write/draw it...

Kalinara and I are working on this project since our common year of studies in Konan University at Kobe, Japan.
We spent every hour of that year working on the Pen Stealer, litteraly.

Story : Ryota's life's about to change when a stranger answering the name of "Shinobu" asks him to steal a bunch of pens that belonged to his deceased father. Pens ?? yes, pens :D but those are magic pens !! 

 It all started as a joke really, but we have had so much fun doing it, we'd really like to share it and maybe get you people to read the story someday.

(titre temporaire)

GENRE : Seinen ; Fantastic

main ideas/characters almost done, needs plot desperately

I've been working on this project for several years already.
Without Kalinara, I've quickly reached my limits concerning script writing and character creation.

But I'm not giving up and I do hope to be able to draw it someday so that you may all read it.

There's still a LOT of work to be done, but it's getting clearer each day. 

(temporary title)
(titre temporaire)

GENRE : Shojo? Shonen? Seinen? I'm still hesitating on the tone ; Heroic Fantasy

Only got the main ideas, needs everything else

Very new project. I don't have much on it yet but it's the project that's progressing the most these last months.

All I can tell you is that it will be a Fantasy themed story and the main character will be a Royal Sorcerer. 

(no titles yet)

My goal is to get some real training by drawing complete short stories.
I plan on making them connected by the characters/period, but to try my hand at different kind of stories, romance, mystery, horror...

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